Interview: Kearran Giovanni Previews Season 5 Of ‘Major Crimes’

Major Crimes

The fifth season of Major Crimes is now underway, and the TNT drama is still going strong. What’s ahead in Season 5? And what’s it like to be part of one of the network’s benchmark shows? We asked series star Kearran Giovanni, who told us this will be an exciting year for her character Amy Sykes.

For one, Amy is no longer the fresh-faced newcomer to the Major Cases team. “She was bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and I didn’t know what the hell I was doing,” Kearran said, as the show was the first TV regular role for the theatre veteran. “I had no idea and I came in blindly and it’s paralleled that life.

“This season has been the most backstory that I’ve gotten for her or the audience will get for Amy as far as what she wants out of her life and what she doesn’t,” she teased. “That’s really interesting and exciting to get to play. I don’t know where it’s going to end up.

“Amy has some very interesting opinions,” she added. “I just think some of her ideas will surprise you about where she wants her future to go.”

After five years of doing weekly television, Kearran has evolved right alongside her character. “As a performer you get a little more into your own skin,” she explained. “In the beginning, I think you try to people please or make sure other people are happy.

“Once you find your character and find where you lie in this family and group of actors it gets more comfortable every year. It’s never felt like work since I have so much fun while I’m here but it definitely feels like less work now.

“I know who she is – I can walk in and Amy Sykes is there,” she said. “That’s been really comforting and you’ve done the work and now you just get to be her when you get there.”

There’s not many details she can let slip out about Season 5 but expect it to be another well-cast year. Malcolm-Jamal Warner returns as Chuck Cooper, and there are “some great female comedians” guest starring in future episodes.

Five seasons is a nice run for any show, so we asked Kearran if she expected that this spin-off of The Closer would get to this point.

“A part of me didn’t want to be overly excited. No one likes to be disappointed, that’s kind of how I think of things. I’d rather just set myself up to not feel that way,” she reflected, “but watching the show every year and seeing our fans come back every year, it would be hard to believe we’d go anywhere.

“I’m so amazed by the work that gets done around here,” she continued, “and so grateful to all our fans that tune in.”

Kearran is also pursuing other interests – she’s currently developing a Food Network series that would feature her and her family – but she still loves playing Amy and she told us that her character’s changed the way she looks at the world.

“Every time I see an LAPD officer I feel like I know them and I don’t,” she laughed. “I don’t know what it is. I will literally go up to them just hanging out. I want to talk shop with them, know what they’re doing.

“I just feel I have this kinship even though I’m not a real cop. I feel a different respect now after seeing the behind the scenes of how real officers work and working with an ex-District Attorney. I have so much respect [for them].”

Major Crimes airs Mondays at 10 p.m. on TNT.

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