‘Bachelorette’ Episode 5 Spoilers: Who Does JoJo Send Home In Uruguay On June 20?

JoJo Fletcher The Bachelorette Episode 5

Bachelorette JoJo Fletcher travels to Uruguay on Episode 5 for more dates and drama with 10 men who have made it through the first four rose ceremonies. After two one-on-one dates and one group date, she will eliminate two more men and move one week closer to handing out her final rose.

The June 20 episode of the Bachelorette will start off with Chad Johnson creeping everyone out when he confronts the guys after being eliminated on the Episode 4 two-on-one date. His appearance will be brief, but viewers will see him surface again on the upcoming season of Bachelor in Paradise

After Chad leaves and JoJo eliminates James F., Daniel and Vinny at the rose ceremony that wasn’t shown on the last episode (May 30), the Bachelorette will jet off to Uruguay with Robby, Jordan, Chase, Luke, Alex, Derek, Grant, Evan, James T, and Wells. 

There will be two one-on-one dates on Episode 5, with frontrunner Jordan Rodgers scoring the first one. According to Reality Steve, JoJo will confront Jordan about rumors she has heard about his ex-girlfriend, but he apparently convinces her she has nothing to worry about — Jordan gets a rose.

Who gets the group date rose is unknown, but Reality Steve states that Chase, Luke, Alex, Derek, Grant, Evan, James T, and Wells all spend time with JoJo on the Week 5 group date.

The rose ceremony will determine which eight guys continue on to Argentina for the next episode. Spoilers indicate that JoJo will send Evan and Grant home, but fans may see them in Paradise this summer.

Chase, Luke, Alex, Derek, James T, Wells, Robby and Jordan will all head to Buenos Aires for Episode 6 that airs on June 27 for another round of dates and two more eliminations. 

After spending time with all 10 guys at the cocktail party, the rose ceremony begins with only 8 roses on the table. Spoilers point to JoJo sending Grant and Evan home, but they both may have a second shot at finding love on TV.

Both Grant and Evan are rumored to be joining the Bachelor in Paradise cast this summer. With Chad already in Mexico filming Paradise with the infamous Nick Viall, fans can expect the drama to be top notch when they reunite.


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