Village In India Performs Unusual Ritual Involving A Naked Boy To Appease Rain Gods

Boy in India appeases rain gods

A drought-plagued village in India has taken a desperate measure to appease the rain gods. Parts of the country are in the midst of a severe heat wave and water is scarce, so the people are willing to do anything to change the weather.

The Pardarhalli village in the Chitradurga district in the southern state of Karnataka has been dealing with a drought for five years. It’s so bad there is even a drinking water shortage, reports Mashable.

In response to the problem, villagers paraded a naked boy around town to appease the rain gods. Villagers poured water over the boy’s head and prayed to an idol, which the child carried around while drums were beaten around him.¬†At the end of the ritual, the boy was given new clothing.

In other parts of India, citizens attempt to invoke rain through frog weddings. After the amphibians are married, they are released into a river.

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