First Cat Bar In US, Featuring Wine & Felines, To Open In Denver


The Denver Cat Company, which has been a safe haven for cats and instrumental in 150 adoptions, is in the process of opening a “laid-back wine bar” for those who want to snuggle with a kitty while kicking back with some vino or craft beer.

Staff will supervise the felines and make sure the atmosphere is appropriate for both the cats and the humans. It’s a good opportunity for cat lovers and people who can’t have cats at home to have a cocktail and hang out with other like-minded folks.

Felines are most active and playful in the evenings, so it seems like a great idea. Customers will be able to bring snacks and drinks into the cat lounge to interact with the kitties.


The Denver Cat Company anticipates that this move will enable them to double the number of cats they take care of and find homes for.

“Our aim is not to be a bar with the gimmick of cats, but a rescue that brings more rescuers in because they have a fantastic place to hang out,” the company writes on its KickStarter page.

So far, the group has raised nearly $8,000 of its $60,000 goal to build the wine bar.

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