Pakistan: Woman arrested over ‘acid attack’ on man


A woman in Pakistan has been arrested after allegedly throwing acid on a man who had refused to marry her.

The man, who is in his 20s, is being treated in hospital in Multan after suffering burns to 50% of his body.

His family say the couple were having a relationship but he did not want to marry her. The woman says she acted in self-defence after being attacked.

Hundreds of acid attacks are reported in Pakistan each year but it is rare for men to be the victims.

The incident in Multan took place in the early hours of Tuesday. Local journalists say the man was seen stumbling out of the woman’s house, screaming and covered with acid.

A local police official quoted by AFP news agency said the man had gone to visit the woman “as usual and she threw acid on his body after he once again refused to marry her”.

The man had been able to turn, so the acid burned his back but not his face, the officer said.

The salon helping acid attack victims

How many acid attacks are there?

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Acid attack victims are often left with devastating facial injuries

Pakistani broadcaster Dunya TV says women are the victims in about 80% of acid attacks in the country.

Experts say acid is easily available in South Asia, and many victims are attacked after rejecting suitors or as a result of family disputes.

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