Amber Heard Rushes By Us As It’s Announced Her Restraining Order Hearing Is Postponed And She And Johnny Depp May Settle Out Of Court

Posted on Thu Jun 16th, 2016 12:37pm PDT       By X17 Staff

Well … well … well … isn’t this interesting …?

Amber Heard, whom we spotted running into a meeting in Beverly Hills on Thursday, and Johnny Depp were due in court for a restraining order hearing on Friday, but the Los Angeles County Court’s public information officer has confirmed that the hearing has been postponed, reports Us Weekly

Depp’s legal team and not Heard’s requested the continuance, which has yet to be rescheduled (and we doubt it ever will). Apparently Heard said she would testify that her estranged husband had physically abused her throughout their relationship.

TMZ is also reporting that the exes have been keeping some serious distance between each other as they attempt to settle the spousal support following the dissolution of their 15-month marriage.
According to court documents, the 30-year-old actress signed a declaration that stated she “could and would competently testify” if called as a witness. In addition, her friend Raquel Rose Pennington signed a similar document saying that she had, “firsthand personal knowledge of the facts.”
Interestingly enough, both women said they could not attend the June 10 deposition, and cited Pennington’s engagement which was scheduled for June 11 as the reason they could not be at the deposition. Heard also claimed she needed two weeks to collect all the documents needed for court.

Depp’s lawyer, superstar attorney Laura Wasser, filed documents requesting that the court not allow Heard to testify if she failed to “appear for deposition.”

A source close to Heard told Us earlier this month that “this isn’t about money. All Amber did was try to get out of a marriage because she was suffering from abuse.” Well if this isn’t about money — Heard’s doing a damn good job at confusing us — because if she doesn’t testify against him or get a full restraining order, it could be because she backed the actor into a corner and he’s agreed to settle.

Meanwhile, the Pirates of the Caribbean has been touring Europe with his band, Hollywood Vampires, and also hanging out at his home in the Bahamas — aka the place where he and Amber wed in February 2015.

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