Adam Lind Is Done With ‘Teen Mom 2’: Can He Get Out Of Contract?

Adam Lind

Adam Lind hasn’t been on Teen Mom as a central character for years, as he rarely films scenes for the show. While he is the topic of discussion for Chelsea Houska and her daughter Aubree, he doesn’t actually appear on the show that often. And when he does, he’s only talking to his family members or friends about how he’s changing for the better and how Chelsea is trying to mess with him. According to a new report, Adam Lind is now threatening to leave the show and end his contract with MTV. 

On the Teen Mom 2 reunion which continues next week, Adam will get frustrated over the way Dr. Drew and Chelsea confront him about his issues. And he admits that he will break the current contract he’s under at the moment. “I don’t have to explain myself to you guys anymore,” he begins. “I’m not going to participate in this anymore. I’m f—king done with it.”

He points out that he will get a lawyer to get out of the show.

“I’m here because I’m under contract and I have to be here,” he continues. “I’m not going to give you guys what you want anymore. I’m just done with the show. I even texted MTV that I didn’t want to come to L.A. and I was told ‘you better get a lawyer to get out of your contract,’ so here I sit.”

Chelsea does bring up the fact that Adam bought a truck that cost more than what Adam had paid in child support Aubree’s entire life. So it sounds like he has the money to support her, but chooses not to.

“I’m obligated to be here, I am not obligated to answer any of your questions. I want out of this life. I’m done with it. The money is not even worth it anymore. I’m not going to sign a new contract to continue.”

What do you think of Chelsea Houska confronting Adam Lind? Do you think he should leave the show?

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