SS Jose Reyes Designated For Assignment By Rockies

Jose Reyes

As reported by ESPN, the Colorado Rockies designated shortstop José Reyes for assignment on Wednesday afternoon. The Rockies now have 10 days to either trade/release Reyes or demote him to one of their minor league affiliates. 

Reyes, who had just been reinstated from the club’s restricted list, has yet to play in 2016 following his arrest and involvement in a domestic violence case in Hawai’i back in October of 2015. Reyes allegedly assaulted his wife in their hotel room while the two were on vacation in Maui. Reyes was originally put on paid leave by Major League Baseball during 2016 spring training until the conclusion of his trial (charges were eventually dropped after his wife was no longer willing to cooperate in the case). After the conclusion of Reyes’ case in Hawai’i, Major League Baseball suspended him without pay until May 31st (53 total games served) and he was forced to pay a fine of $6,251,366.

Rockies GM Jeff Bridich was short and to the point when he made a statement on the DFA’ing of José Reyes on Wednesday.

“At the end of the day we felt that it was best that we part ways; best for the direction of the organization, best for what was going on in the clubhouse and best for José.”

The void of José Reyes in the Rockies starting lineup to begin the season has allowed for the emergence of power-hitting shortstop, Trevor Story, who began the season with a ridiculous four straight games with a home run. So, while the DFA’ing of José Reyes may hurt the Rockies on paper, they seem to have found a solid replacement at shortstop for both the present and the future in Story. Reyes is currently the second-highest paid shortstop in all of Major League Baseball ($15,868,853 salary in 2016) behind Toronto’s Troy Tulowitzki’s $20,000,000 salary (whom the Rockies traded for Reyes at the 2015 trade deadline).  

The Rockies made a pretty big statement today that even if the legal charges against you get dropped, you are still going to be forced to take responsibility for your actions and face discipline from your employer. The world may never know just what exactly happened on that fateful October night when José Reyes got arrested in Maui. But, it’s definitely better for the Rockies to move on from Reyes now and possibly not have that information ever come out rather than keep him on their roster and have a Ray Rice-like situation occur where new information/video gets released after deciding to hold onto him. While the facts in this domestic violence case surrounding José Reyes still may not be 100% clear, the Rockies are showing the world that nobody, not even their $15,000,000 shortstop, is above the law. 

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