Getting That Magical Harry Potter Black Light Tattoo May Be A Really Bad Idea

Harry Potter

A really cool looking “Harry Potter”-inspired tattoo that has over 1 million views on Imgur may be harmful to your health. The ink features black footsteps with the phrase, “I solemnly swear that I am up to no good,” which can only be viewed under a black light.

The quote refers to Marauder’s Map, which reveals a person’s location in Hogwarts. In order to view someone’s whereabouts, a wizard must tap the parchment with a wand and recite the phrase.

Similarly, in order to see the complete tattoo, a person must shine a black light on the skin.

Harry Potter tattoo

There are some problems with this type of ink, also known as a UV tattoo. First, it may cause an allergic reaction. Black light tattoos often contain phosphorus, a chemical that may cause severe blistering, a burning pain, and a rash. UV ink has not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on humans.

In addition, according to, “Scarring from the tattoo machine may also occur, causing the traces of the tattoo to look a bit visible under normal light after it’s healed.”

One person commented on Imgur: “These tattoos are the worst, they fade so quickly and most tattoo artists flat out refuse to do them.”

Do you think it’s worth it?


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