Patrick Swayze’s Dark Final Days Exposed By Friends, Alleging It Wasn’t Just The Cancer That Killed Him

patrick swayze

Patrick Swayze’s final hours are being exposed by those closest to him. Several sources reveal to Radaronline that the “Ghost” star didn’t just die from cancer, but he died from a “broken heart.”

Patrick was married to actress Lisa Niemi for 34 years. According to insiders who knew the actor for several years, Niemi was downright abusive and neglectful to her husband — supposedly even having multiple affairs with men AND women.

“She would beat on him and he would beat on the walls and furniture. They fought and I covered up a lot of that — they destroyed hotel rooms, cars, their house …. It was abusive,” said a longtime friend.

When an ill Patrick Swayze plummeted from 180 pounds to 90, she’d still batter him. Swayze “was adamant about never ever laying his hands on her.”

Then there’s the story of the movie star’s younger brother — Donnie Swayze — who was his care giver most of the time in his final days. 

“Lisa would be gone for hours doing whatever she was doing and Donnie would come in and Patrick would be lying in his own feces and pee,” the source added.

Swayze’s childhood friend, Charlotte Stevens, said she tried talking Patrick into dumping Lisa over her infidelities.

“We would talk like old friends, like what was going on in our lives and [the affairs] would come up,” Stevens said. “I would tell him, ‘You mean to tell me she’s having these affairs and you haven’t stepped out on her?’ And he would say, ‘No I don’t want it used against me.”

Joan Leighton runs the private fan-based chat room, Perfectly Patrick. She wrote a post in April theorizing why Swayze never left his wife. It had something to do with promising his mother, Patsy, that he’d stay with her to avoid a scandalous secret about him getting out.

“Patsy said to me that she made Patrick promise he’d never divorce Lisa until she [Patsy] was dead… and Lisa threatened to reveal it…. and it would be a scandal… that would hurt maybe someone plus hurt the Swayze family,” Joan wrote.

Towards the end of his life, Swayze was kept from his mother and other loved ones. Lisa Niemi is blamed for making things downright awful for her husband in the days leading up to his death in September 2009. She made sure no one saw Patrick and kept him prisoner in his California home.

“She wouldn’t even let him go outside the ranch… She pretty much kept him prisoner,” his friend said.

The lonely actor was desperate to interact with others, so he’d call people in the middle of the night after his wife fell asleep.

“He’d call me a 2 a.m. after she had already passed out and we would talk at that time!” the friend claimed. “It was unusual but yet again that was Lisa, she was that way.”

Those final two months was also during a time in which Swayze signed a new will that left his whole $40 million estate to his wife and nothing to the rest of his family.


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