Bethesda teases high-speed, multiplayer Quake Champions

In a video which handed a huge chunk of red meat to retro gaming fans, Bethesda, flush from the critical success of their recent Doom reboot, teased a remake of the 90s video game classic Quake at a press conference at E3.

The trailer was entirely rendered so there’s little inkling of what the game will look like, but Id studio director Tim Willets – co-designer of the original game – said that the new “Quake Champions” iteration will be a high-speed multiplayer-focused game – with unlocked framerates – capitalizing on the already-extant Quake e-sports market.

“The game is designed for world class e-sports play at any level,” Willetts said, adding that Bethesda will be supporting and expanding competitive leagues, about which more details will be made available at Quakefest in August.

At last year’s E3 Bethesda announced the sequal to Dishonored, and on Sunday the company had plenty of in-game footage showing a lovingly-rendered levels and a plethora of freedom of choice options, weapon and time-travel toolkits, and light effects.

Dynamic weather – clearly the gameplay feature de jour, as it also heavily featured in the games trailered by EA earlier today – were also very much in evidence, with wind power and weather puzzles both in evidence of the gameplay trailer, which takes place in a different, more southern-European-feeling city to the first game.

The game will run on a custom-built engine which Bethesda is calling Void, and it certainly looks effective; especially backstopped with this kind of attention to detail in the level design.

“In crafting spaces for you to explore we’ve got several creative goals,” said Dishonored 2 creator Harvey Smith. “How do the characters live? Where do they take their breaks? But it goes further than that. We felt compelled to ask ourselves about the history of a place or shop – watermarks on the wall from past floods, peeling posters and advertisements.”

Also previewed was a new game by one of Dishonored’s creators, an unexpected reboot of the Prey franchise as a psychological sci-fi thriller – imagine Dishonored in space and you have a sense of the trailer. Arcade Games know what they’re doing with this kind of thing, and there was plenty to be excited about.

As expected, a remastered Skyrim will also be coming soon to PS4 and Xbox One, with a total visual update – it’ll arrive on 28 October. Further in the future, Bethesda also announced Sunday that Fallout 4 and Doom would be coming soon to Virtual Reality on the HTC Vive platform, with the first of those – Fallout – out in 2017.

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