Shanghai Pudong airport explosion wounds four

Paramilitary policemen stand guard near the site of a blast at a terminal in Shanghai's Pudong International Airport 12 June 2016Image copyright

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Paramilitary police sealed off the area around Sunday’s blast

A man has set off a homemade explosive device at Shanghai international airport, injuring four people as well as himself, Chinese officials say.

The attacker threw a bottle containing explosives, which went off near a check-in counter in Terminal Two.

The man then took out a knife and stabbed his own neck, officials say.

In 2013 a man in a wheelchair detonated a bomb at Beijing airport to highlight a personal grievance. He was later sentenced to six years in prison.

The latest incident happened at about 15:00 (07:00) on Sunday.

Eyewitness Ni Bowen told the Associated Press news agency that she was waiting to check in at Pudong International Airport when there was a loud bang.

“A beer bottle filled with white smoke rolled right by my feet. I was scared and made off at once,” she said.

The four injured people were taken to hospital. There is no word about their condition, or the identity of the attacker.

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