‘Alaskan Bush People’ Go Urban Following Allegations They Live In A Hotel

alaskan bush people

The “Alaskan Bush People” have gone urban. After reports surfaced that the 9-member Brown family was allegedly living in a “cushy” hotel in Hoonah, Alaska, another report emerges that they’re now in Junea.

Radaronline reports that Billy Brown and his family left their supposed Hoonah’s Icy Strait Inn residence for the big city. A source tells the website that the Browns are in Juneau for an “extended stay.”

“They are in Juneau for an extended stay,” a local source tells Radar. “They never stay in Hoonah for long in the summer.”

Witness claim Bam Bam and his two younger sisters, Rain and Bird, were at the Juneau Department of Motor Vehicles earlier this week.

A photo shows Rain wearing an Apple Watch, an unlikely item for a young girl to own who lives in the Alaskan bush.

Matt hasn’t been seen, however. There was another report alleging that the oldest sibling of the Brown family entered rehab after

“Alaskan Bush People” revolves around Billy Brown’s family who’ve purportedly lived in the wild for decades. Several reports claim the show is fake and that “Browntown” is nothing more than a makeshift village the family lives in only when the cameras are rolling.


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