Prince Harry Wants To Find Future Princess In America?

prince harry

A shocking report that Prince Harry is “moving to America” is cited as being false. OK! magazine claims the British prince has his sights set on moving to the West Coast and finding a future princess as his wife. The cover has enticing headlines, such as “Rents Malibu party mansion,” and a quote claimed to be from Harry reading, “I just want to relax and have fun!”

Gossip Cop calls out the tabloid report as completely untrue. Harry doesn’t plan to find a home in the United States. A source in the article tries subduing the claim by stating that Prince Harry’s move would be “temporary” by renting a place on the Malibu beach for a few weeks in July.

That sounds more like a vacation, but the report tries misconstruing it into a full-blown royal residence.

“Following an action-packed trip to Florida, the royal is planning a relaxing return to the States” where a source says “he hopes to finally find his princess.”

A palace insider corrected the report, asserting that Prince Harry has “no plans to spend the summer in the U.S.” 

Last week a tabloid claimed Harry was “rejected” by one of the volunteers at the Invictus Games in Orlando, Florida. That claim was shot down as well.

Prince Harry is good tabloid fodder due to his single life and often hard-partying ways. Rumors about him in the media are frequently squashed.

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