Johnny Manziel Served With Lawsuit At The Club

Johnny Manziel

Not a good look, bro.

In the most Johnny Manziel thing to happen ever, Manziel was served with papers outside a Los Angeles hotspot on Wednesday night. 

The process server knew the best place to find Manziel was at the Nice Guy in LA. Manziel’s been spotted there regularly over the last couple months by TMZ and other media outlets. The server hit the Cleveland Browns quarterback mistake in the chest with the lawsuit. 

Manziel is being sued for allegedly throwing a bunch of parties at a rental home in Hollywood. The former NFL player and his friends apparently left the house a complete mess. The rental agreement stated that parties weren’t allowed in the home. A $10,000 penalty would occur if a party went down.  

It turns out that not even been hit in the chest with a $40,000 lawsuit can stop Manziel. He got inside Rolls-Royce and moved over to Warwick, where the real party began. He left with a woman later that night. 

The real estate broker claims thousands of dollars in damages for items like expensive rugs, broken glasses, tables, bathroom doors, statues, and couches. 

The real question is: who rents their house to Manziel and expects him not to party? 

Manziel is also in legal trouble for an alleged domestic violence incident with his ex-girlfriend. 

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