Dina Manzo Reacts To Gorilla Killing: Plans To Boycott Zoos

Dina Manzo

Dina Manzo has stayed out of the spotlight since leaving The Real Housewives of New Jersey behind last year. Dina wanted to respect her friend, Teresa Giudice, who was being locked up for 11 months to serve time after being found guilty of fraud. But Manzo had no interest in filming future seasons of the show and she moved to California to pursue other ventures. But Manzo broke her silence when she learned that Harambe, the gorilla in the Cincinnati Zoo, had been killed after a boy fell into the den. According to a new report, Dina Manzo is now revealing that the parents should be held responsible. 

“When are people going to understand that their lives matter too? They feel and understand just like us humans,” she said. “I am all for institutions that preserve and keep the endangered species alive. But I think the days we pay money to oogle at them needs to end, there has to be another way to support. I will never go to another zoo again. #harambe.”

Dina is clearly very upset about what happened and she believes that zoos should be illegal all together. Of course, Blackfish – a documentary about orcas in captivity – did suggest that keeping animals locked up is animal cruelty.

“The post was specifically to show my support pertaining to animals held in captivity,” Dina said. “This wouldn’t have happened if there was no zoo.”

And Dina Manzo does hold the parents responsible. “I do believe the zoo did what they had to do in the case of Harambe. But in my opinion the child should have never had the chance to fall in,” she wrote. “My mother had 11 children. Never once did she take her eyes off of us in a public forum.” 

What do you think of Dina Manzo’s perspective on the situation?

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