Report: Broncos Propose A Six-Year, $114 Million Deal To Von Miller

Von Miller

The on-going contract situation between the Denver Broncos and Super Bowl MVP defensive end Von Miller just got even more interesting, as ESPN’s Adam Schefter has reported that the Broncos have proposed a six-year, $114 million contract to Von Miller and his team of representatives. However, a deal has yet to be reached according to Schefter.

John Elway and company applied the exclusive franchise tag to then-UFA Von Miller back on March 1st, just before the start of 2016 NFL free agency. Miller has not attended the Broncos’ offseason training program, but he was present for the team’s visit to the White House on Monday to be honored by President Obama for their Super Bowl 50 Championship. The Broncos have until July 15th to reach a long-term deal with Miller, otherwise, he will be forced to play the 2016 season under the $14 million franchise tag tender and he will then become an unrestricted free agent at the season’s end. The Broncos obviously want to keep Von Miller and make him their defense’s anchor for years to come, but in order to make that happen, they have to be willing to dump a significant portion of their salary cap into Miller’s wallet for the next several years and make him the highest paid defensive end in the league. Von Miller knows his value, which is the league’s best defensive end (stats and awards don’t lie), which is why this entire contract feud with the Broncos has been extremely complicated since the day he received the tag. One can understand the argument on both sides: the Broncos want to keep Von Miller but don’t want to break their bank, and Von Miller wants to cash in after a career season and earn his worth while also staying in Denver and having a chance to win.

Normally, a player is crazy for not accepting a six-year, $114 million deal. However, when you are the league’s best defensive end like Von Miller and you are coming off a season where you carried your team to a championship and won Super Bowl MVP, it’s hard to find fault in Miller wanting to make every single penny that could possibly be dealt his way by the Broncos. John Elway and company decided to limit Von Miller’s ability to sign with teams and cash in on his 2015 production by placing the franchise tag on him, so it is only fitting that Von Miller drags this thing out as long as he can and attempt to make every dollar possible. It may seem a bit selfish on the part of Von Miller, but that’s the business. A player in today’s NFL cannot allow teams to completely control their contract negotiations, as it takes away their ability to force teams to respect a player’s value. The situation between the Broncos and Von Miller is certainly complicated, but it has yet to turn ugly, which is why a deal getting done in the near future seems like a pretty reasonable assumption. Stay tuned.

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