Manny Machado Deserves An Award For Finally Giving Yordano Ventura The Hands

Manny Machado, Yordano Ventura

The game of baseball has its fair share of egotistical maniacs that cannot seem to shake off their hazardous self-centered mentalities and style of play. Maybe no other player in the game of baseball is a bigger egotistical psychopath and self-centered moron than Kansas City Royals pitcher Yordano Ventura. Every season, Ventura does something so idiotically stupid or bizarre that the average baseball fan wonders whether or not the Dominican-born right-hander even has a brain. 

On Tuesday night, Ventura got the start against the high-powered offense of the Baltimore Orioles at Camden Yards and got absolutely lit up in the first inning for four earned runs. In the second inning, Ventura brushed Orioles third baseman/shortstop and franchise player, Manny Machado off the plate with an inside fastball. Machado didn’t appreciate the beaning and had some words to say to Ventura, but the situation stayed calm. On the first pitch of Machado’s next at-bat in the bottom of the fifth inning, Ventura hit Machado with a 99 MPH fastball in the back, and Machado immediately took exception and went out to the mound, sparking a bench clearer.

Both Machado and Ventura were tossed from the game and both will almost certainly be receiving some type of suspension in the coming days for their actions. However, is what Manny Machado did wrong in the least bit? Yordano Ventura has been nothing but an immature pain in the side of every MLB player that has come to the plate against him over the last several years. Ventura’s antics have caused for benches to empty on multiple occasions, and almost always it is Ventura who is left standing there, hiding behind his teammates with his hands in the air acting like he did nothing wrong when the entire situation was based on his wrong-doing. On Tuesday night in Baltimore, Ventura had nobody to hide behind and was forced to face the music for plunking Machado. This may not have been the beatdown that Yordano Ventura needs in order to knock some sense into his head, but it’s a good start.

The examples of Yordano Ventura acting like a child and starting beef with opponents while on the mound are infinite. It’s surprising that it took this long for somebody to go out and confront Yordano Ventura on the mound after all of the shenanigans he has pulled throughout his four-year stint with the Royals.

Adam Eaton

Mike Trout

Brett Lawrie 

It’s about time somebody tried knocking some sense into this punk, Yordano Ventura. Maybe next time he’ll realize, “hey, maybe I shouldn’t always act like a complete fool and throw at one of the best players in the game multiple times.” Manny Machado will likely be receiving a 3-6 game ban for charging the mound, but in reality, he deserves a medal and a beer on the tabs of Mike Trout and Adam Eaton for finally taking matters into his own hands and knocking this clown to the dirt. 

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