The NFL’s Twitter Account Got Hacked On Tuesday And Roger Goodell Was Dead For A Brief Moment

Goodell Dead Tweet

At 11:36 am EST on Tuesday, the 19.2 million Twitter followers that the NFL’s page has got quite the shock when the league’s account tweeted out “We regret to inform our fans that our commissioner, Roger Goodell, has passed away. He was 57 #RIP.” The tweet was deleted minutes later after it was deemed to be an apparent “hacking” of the NFL. However, the league’s account also posted two other tweets shortly after the original false tweet was deleted that read “Oi, I said Roger Goodell has died. Don’t delete that tweet,” and “OK, OK, you amateur detectives win. Good job.” Both of the ensuing tweets by the hacker were also deleted shortly after being posted. 

So, now the question becomes who is the sneaky little devil that was able to compromise the Twitter page of arguably the biggest and most powerful business in the United States? According to the Arkansas Democratic-Gazette’s Scott Carroll, it’s a person who goes by the name of “Dev” with the Twitter name of @idisseverything (account has since been suspended by Twitter). 

Many around the Twitter-world and sports media industry are calling this “Dev” hacker a gremlin, a troll, and a hazard to society. But, is what this guy did really all that immoral considering who the victim was? Let’s rewind back to Draft night back in April when Laremy Tunsil had his Twitter and Instagram accounts compromised and almost had his life ruined due to pics of him smoking weed and conversations between he and ex-coaches at Ole Miss shared with millions of people. In an interview with ESPN’s Mike and Mike the next morning, Goodell claimed the hackings of Laremy Tunsil’s social media accounts were “what makes the draft so exciting.” Now, obviously, in a week where two of some of the biggest names in sports passed away like Muhammad Ali and Kimbo Slice, it isn’t funny to joke about or fake the idea of another major sports figure passing away. But, after what Roger Goodell said about Laremy Tunsil, it’s only fitting that he fell victim to an apparent hacking. Again, death is nothing to joke about, but the NFL having their Twitter account hacked and the bulk of the joke being on Roger Goodell was a long time coming. Some heroes don’t wear capes, and that is exactly what this “Dev @idisseverything” hacker was for us on this Tuesday, giving us all something to talk about while stuck in the cube. 

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