Lamar Odom Reportedly Using Drugs Again, Refusing Rehab

Lamar Odom

It appears as though Lamar Odom is turning back to drug use following an overdose that nearly cost him his life. According to TMZ, the former basketball star may be abusing durgs again — specifically crack — and those closest to him are worried that he feels “invincible.”

“A group of people went to his home to convince him to enter rehab — but Odom scoffed … telling the group he doesn’t need any help. During the confrontation, which took place at Odom’s home in Calabasas, we’re told his friends noticed drug paraphernalia scattered all over the place… including crack pipes, baggies and roaches,” reports TMZ.

Lamar Odom may feel like he cheated death once before and that he can use drugs again without going overboad. However, this wouldn’t be a safe way of thinking, nor would it be healthy. Many fans were hoping that Lamar’s near-death experience would wake him up — that it would make him want to clean his act up for good. If the reports of his relapse are true, however, Lamar may be in big trouble.

He will not be able to cheat death twice.

Khloe Kardashian filed for divorce from Lamar a couple of weeks ago. It’s unknown if this could be prompting Lamar to continue his drug use.


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