‘Deadliest Catch’s’ Keith Colburn Doesn’t Enjoy Single Life

Capt. Keith Colburn of “Deadliest Catch” doesn’t care much for living the single life. He was married almost 25 years to his wife and he misses the stability it provided him.

My Northwest released an interview with the embattled captain of the Wizard and he revealed it’s not so great having everything you knew at home suddenly gone.

“Everybody thinks hey, you’re on TV, you make good money, you’re a crab fisherman, you’re single and a bachelor and you’ve got the world … well, you know what, it’s not as glamorous as it sounds,” Keith Colburn said. “Being a single dude at this time is not really all that great. I like the stability of having a mate. I don’t have that anymore. My kids are grown up so I’m an open-nester, so it’s just a strange point in my life. But I’ve got my business, I’ve got my boat, both have been really successful. I’ve got my brother to lean on, my kids, and even Florence, my ex, is wonderful. So, you know what, I’m not complaining. I’m doing better than most.”

At this point in season 12 of “Deadliest Catch,” Keith is doing well with crabbing. He’s also trying to take better care of his health — at one point joining his crew on deck to help unload the crab pots so he could stay active and shed some pounds.

Things might be rough for the captain after coming out of a hard divorce, but he seems to be hanging in there just fine.

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