Nick Cannon Regrets Filing For Divorce From Mariah Carey?

nick cannon

There are clear signs that Nick Cannon regrets filing for divorce from Mariah Carey and is still holding onto her. Although Mariah is engaged to businessman, James Packer, she’s unable to make the divorce official with her estranged husband unwilling to sign the legal documents, TMZ reports.

Sources said to be close with the former couple say Mariah has tried about one year to get Nick to sign off, but he refuses to … not giving a reason. Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon separated in August 2014 and Nick filed for divorce that December. The pair did reach a property settlement and agreed to joint custody of their children. 

All legal disputes between them have been settled, but Cannon still won’t sign the divorce docs. Insiders tell TMZ that even though he initiated the divorce, he still loves his wife and doesn’t want her to go.

According to the report, Mariah isn’t flattered and wants out since she’s moved on with her life and is happily engaged.

As Hollywood Life notes in its report, Nick congratulated Mariah in January 2016 for her engagement to Packer. It’s unclear if he was truly happy for her or if he was hiding how hurt he was from the break up.

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