Jenelle Evans Accused of Brainwashing Her Son Jace!

Jenelle Evans

Jenelle Evans has been trying to get custody of her son back for years. The agreement was that Jenelle would get custody of her son back when she was more stable than she was after giving birth. She has gone to school, gotten a job (though temporary) and she has a new place to live – and yet her mother has no interest in giving back custody of Jace. And she may be running out of excuses, as Barbara is now using every trick in the book to avoid handing over custody.

According to a new report, Jenelle Evans reveals that she just wants one reason as to why she can’t get Jace back – and her mother isn’t really giving her one. 

“Then give him back to me because it’s been six years,” Evans asks her mother during tonight’s Teen Mom finale, adding, “I want to know why I am not allowed to have my son back. Why can I not have custody? Please tell me a reason right now.” 

Barbara now blames David Eason. For years, she’s had plenty of reasons and now that David is new in her life, she has a convenient excuse. 

“I’ll tell you one reason right now. [Boyfriend David Eason] is controlling you and he thinks he’s going to take control of Jace. This is between me and you and Jace,” she reveals to her daughter, Jenelle. She continues to call David “crazy”.

“He’s not crazy you idiot! He didn’t have me go to court. Before I met David I was bringing you to court,” Jenelle Evans points out to which Barbara makes a shocking accusation; “Cause you’re brainwashing him again!” Barbara said. “That’s what you guys are putting in his f**king brain.”

Barbara has previously revealed that she doesn’t want to hand over Jace to Jenelle, because she doesn’t want him to feel betrayed, forgotten or feel that she gave up on him. Maybe she just doesn’t want to be alone.

Do you think Jenelle Evans deserves her son back?

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