Richard Simmons Hospitalized Following ‘Bizarre’ Behavior Observed Witness

richard simmons

Richard Simmons wastaken to a Los Angeles hospital late Friday night after showing obvious signs of “bizarre” behavior, TMZ reports.

Sources say that Simmons was acting really strange before midnight when someone at his Hollywood Hills home was alarmed enough to call 911. After paramedics rushed to his home, they determined Simmons needed a fast trip to the hospital for evaluation. The famous fitness star agreed to the arrangements and was transported to Cedars Sinai. 

It’s unknown if he’s still in the hospital.

Richard Simmons has largely been out of the spotlight for three years, avoiding family and friends. He’s expressed that he wants a break from the life of a celebrity, but has worried those close to him since he’s shut all of them out of his life.

 According to NY Daily News back in March, it was believed that Simmons was being “controlled” by witchcraft or black magic at the hands of his housekeeper, Teresa Reveles.

His longtime spokesman, Thomas Estey, revealed that Richard Simmons was “sad” after the “serious” knee injury, but denied allegations that he was depressed and had become a recluse.

Mauro Oliveira, a friend and former assistant of Simmons, claims that he’s in hiding because he’s under his housekeeper’s influence. He was in the news for possible depression after suffering a knee injury and dealing with the death of his beloved dog, Hattie.

Richard Simmons was last seen in public in January 2014.


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