‘Duck Dynasty’s’ Phil Robertson Endorses Donald Trump For President

phil robertson

“Duck Dynasty’s” Phil Robertson is endorsing Donald Trump for president. The 70-year-old initially supported Trump’s former GOP rival, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, but now he endorses Trump.

Robertson does say that Cruz’s Christian views were closer to his.

“[Cruz’s] evangelical theory is more in line with mine,” Robertson, a devout Christian, told Radaronline.

Either way, Robertson fully supports Trump as our nation’s next president.

“But the people spoke, and they chose Donald Trump. As a Republican, I’ll back him!”

The “Duck Dynasty” star even offered to go on the campaign trail to stump for Trump if asked.

“I’m just a redneck from Louisiana who likes to hunt and fish,” he said. “But if Donald wants me out there stumping for him, I will!”

Who does Phil Robertson think would make a great vice president for Trump? He says Ben Carson because he’s a “decent, honorable man.”

The Robertson patriarch even joked that he’d be open to being Trump’s running mate, but knows that’s out of the question.

“I don’t think Donald would understand if I told him I couldn’t be in Washington, D.C., during duck-hunting season!” Robertson laughed. 

Meanwhile, Donald Trump has retweeted an interview that Phil Robertson gave to the New York Daily News back in December 2013. In the piece, Robertson discussed slavery and how much happier blacks were before they got more entitlements.

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