Bethenny Frankel Accused Of Doing A Cheater Brand Herself

Bethenny Frankel

Bethenny Frankel has been very vocal on this season of The Real Housewives of New York about how the other women are talking about her business. It is clear that she doesn’t like it when her co-stars are talking about her business, including when Sonja Morgan is trying to launch a cheater brand and Luann de Lesseps trying to take credit for the Skinnygirl margarita. According to a new tweet, Bethenny Frankel herself is now being accused of doing a cheater brand.

Of course, Bethenny was cornered earlier this season about doing Skinnygirl – a similar name to Skinny Cow. But for Frankel, this wasn’t a cheater brand. Skinny Cow is about dairy, not booze. And Tipsy Girl is all about booze – more specifically, a product she’s already offering. 

“Skinny girl and skinny cow are the same thing . You DID A CHEATER BRAND . Hypocrite MUCH,” one person wrote to Bethenny Frankel, who replied with, “Dairy vs booze. But just bc u follow me doesn’t mean ur smart.”

Bethenny has previously revealed that she found Sonja’s efforts in copying her brand embarrassing and sad.

“The Sonja situation was just kind of sad. Obviously, her idea can’t touch my brand. There is no product or distribution. It is a made-for-television idea, and I have over 20 varieties of wine, vodka and ready to drink. You can’t find a city of the Housewives where several women haven’t followed in my footsteps and attempted booze. Bring it on. The more the merrier. It is a brutal business, and it may look easy, but as you see, it isn’t,” Bethenny revealed in her Bravo blog, adding, “This was just an unoriginal name and idea, and it gives a false impression to the audience–that you just go on tv, and poof a brand is born. That isn’t how it works.”

What do you think of Bethenny Frankel’s defense of her doing a “cheater” brand?

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