Traveling Is Good For Relationships

Traveling is good for relationships

Whether you’re newly married or in a long-term relationship, traveling is really good for your soul. Sara Margulis, CEO and founder of the Honeyfund registry, discusses why you should not skip the honeymoon and why traveling is good for couples in all stages of life.

Honeymoons are vital to starting married life together. Many see travel and vacations as something fun and frivolous, but they can be a main factor in keeping a couple’s relationship happy.

Vacations are a time to come together and dream about the future. Couples are taking more exotic vacations than their parents’ generations, but even just a long weekend or one-week trip close by can bring you closer to your loved one.

Traveling also relieves stress. When you spend time with someone you love, the body releases oxytocin, which decreases stress levels and replaces anxiety with feelings of calm. In addition, shared experiences and memories are priceless and invigorate relationships.

So when is your next vacation?

See more in the video below:

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