The Lust Boat: First Ever Sex Cruise To Set Sail In Southern Europe Next Fall

size matters.

The term ‘pleasure cruise’ is set to take on a whole new — and more literal — meaning next fall, when the real Love Boat sets sail in the Adriatic Sea on Sept. 26, 2017.

According to the Miami Herald, Mexican adult tourism firm The Original Group, which owns three adult-only resorts on Mexico’s Riviera Maya and in nearby Cancun, has chartered a 690 passenger luxury liner from a subsidiary of Royal Carribbean Cruises for the world’s first ever sex cruise.

Azamara Club Cruises, which owns liners Quest and Journey, will provide the newly renovated Quests for the journey, the first of two that are currently in the works. The company’s second ship will set sail from Rome in 2018 for even more debauchery!

The “Desire” cruise will, er, head, to Italy, Croatia and Slovenia, but we’re not sure exactly where the Bang Boat will go, and by the sounds of it no one on board is going to care anyway.

Guests (couples only) will spend eight days enjoying themselves (and the other guests), keeping busy with amenities that will include adult playrooms for lots of group action, clothing-optional pool decks, erotic activities and performances, couples workshops and lots of swinging — which is encouraged:

“Our playrooms have been designed for sexual and erotic pleasure. We ask that you use these couples-only areas to fulfill your intimate desires.”

Yeah baby!

“We’re thrilled to bring to the sea our more than 30 years of experience in creating the perfect sensual atmosphere for adults, and we have no doubt that the Desire Cruise experience will be life-changing for our passengers and will become the sensual way to get away,” Original Group CEO Rodrigo de la Peña told the Miami herald.

Don’t expect the cruise to be cheap, either. Cabins start at almost $3000 and run up to $11,000; and there are a few ground rules, like no hooking up with ship’s doctor, the sexy cruise director or the captain’s barely legal daughter.

We’re willing to bet the company is going to have a hard time staffing the housekeeping department.

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