Sonja Morgan Calls Her ‘RHONY’ Cast Members Mean: Is She Out For Good?

Sonja Morgan

Sonja Morgan has been trying to rebuild her life after settling her Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Morgan has admitted that she’s tried to move on after having to pay back millions of dollars, and it was hard for her. She told Bethenny Frankel that the bankruptcy has really hit her after it was over, and she was trying to do anything and everything to get back to where she was. And while that may have included partying and drinking, her Real Housewives of New York co-stars are concerned for her well-being. According to a new tweet, Sonja Morgan is now calling her co-stars mean for leaving her out of the fun. 

“Co stars don’t exclude from filming all cast events #Mean,” Sonja revealed on Twitter, sharing that her co-stars are mean for leaving her behind for some cast events. Morgan has revealed that she felt betrayed by Dorinda Medley for leaving her out of the weekend in the Berkshires. And when fans called Dorinda out for leaving Sonja at home, she pointed to Ramona Singer’s irrational behavior. “What’s wrong with that picture? #RHONY,” Sonja Morgan revealed, adding later, “FK Dorinda! Not happy!”

While Sonja Morgan was close friends with Ramona Singer over the past couple of years, it sounds like Ramona is siding with Bethenny Frankel in the battle over Skinnygirl vs. Tipsy Girl. Many of the Real Housewives stars feel that Sonja isn’t doing the right thing in launching this product with her business partners. 

“Bethenny’s name is always enticing in the press, and I got dragged into a story because of the two brands having the word “girl” and being alcohol and some gossipy people stirring the pot. That’s why all the girls are buzzing about Tipsy vs Skinny, because there is always buzz around Bethenny,” Sonja has revealed in her Bravo blog about the Bethenny drama.

What do you think about Sonja Morgan being left out of Real Housewives of New York events?

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