Firefighters Rescue Great Dane From Roof After Houdini Dog Escapes Through Upstairs Window

Great Dane

Firefighters in Middletown, Conn., got an unusual call Friday morning involving a very large dog stuck on a roof. Local 1073 responded to a neighbor’s call about a barking dog and discovered a Great Dane trapped on the overhang on top of the next-door-neighbor’s home.

The canine apparently made his way on to the roof through a window after pushing through the screen, reports

The fire department shared some images of the dog and his rescuer on Facebook with the caption: “So Mike…..what did you do at work today? Oh not much, just rescued a dog off a roof. You know, the usual. No big deal.”

The crew was able to put the dog back inside the house and no injuries were reported, according to firefighter Mike Souza.

The dog’s owner, Taylor Layne Smith, was just as stunned as the fire department and her neighbors about the event. She wrote on Facebook: “This is the naughty dog’s owner. I just wanted to thank everyone who helped this morning getting my handsome boy back inside and safe. We just moved in two days ago so thank you for the wonderful job you did.

“Ridick is a Houdini and can open doors,unlock window and then open them. He was locked downstairs with our other Dane for safe keeping while at work but apparently he was able to push his way through the locked door and went around opening windows to get outside to say hello to all the new neighbors…

“Thanks again to everyone ( Fire, police, and neighbors) who pitched in to keep my puppers safe!”

Smith didn’t realize her pup escaped and was rescued by the firefighters until a friend told her about it while she was at work. “I flew straight home and thanks to everyone’s help they were still safe in the house,” she explained.

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