Kim Kardashian Slips Into A Sexy Silver Dress And Reveals Her Current Weight

Posted on Thu Jun 2nd, 2016 6:00am PDT       By X17 Staff

Is Kim Kardashian aging in reverse? Because we can’t remember the last time the 35-year-old reality starlet looked this good!

Yesterday Kimmy K paid a visit to the Los Angeles Children’s Hospital, and after that she hit the town in a sexy silver dress. She gave birth to her second child in December, and after losing a whopping 60 pounds since her pregnancy, she’s been very vocal about sharing her weight loss progress on social media.

On Tuesday the starlet posted a Snapchat photo of her toes on a scale, which showed her weight being 132 pounds. “12 pounds to go to reach 2010 Kim!” Kardashian captioned the pic. Last month she was at 139.6 pounds, and she’s been shedding the weight by sticking to the Atkins diet and working her butt off at the gym. Well, almost. Based on the photos last night, it seems liker her booty is alive and kicking!

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