Coco Austin ‘Obsessed’ With Breast Feeding Daughter Chanel

coco austin

Actress and model Coco Austin revealed that she has become “obsessed” with breastfeeding her 6-month-old daughter Chanel Nicole.

In an article posted by People, Austin revealed that she is pro-breastfeeding and enjoys the special bond she has with her daughter.

“I’m kind of obsessed with [breastfeeding],” she said.

“[Chanel] is 6 months now, but for a good five months, she was great at breastfeeding. Just recently she got a little congested and, since then, it was hard for her to drink from my boob so I had to force the bottle in her mouth,” Austin explained.

The wife of actor and rapper Ice-T was worried that her “assets” would be a hinder her ability to breastfeed.

She continued, “Now that it’s cleared up, she wants the bottle more, and it hurt my feelings … I’m doing whatever I can because now, she’s growing, so she needs more milk … so I have to go from breastfeeding to formula, breastfeeding to formula, but I wish she would want a little more of me.”

Austin adds that she still pumps “every single day” to provide breast milk for Chanel, even though it’s often through a bottle now. But the truth is she wasn’t even sure if she would be able to breastfeed at all.

“I got breast implants, so I wasn’t sure if I could even breastfeed … I was hoping I’d be one of those women who can because my whole family have been really pro-breastfeeding,” she says.

“She took the boob instantly, too,” Austin continues, calling breast milk “liquid gold” due to all its reported health benefits. “She was a pro.”

Fans seem to think that Austin has it all together, commenting on her official Facebook page words of encouragement for the new mother.

“So happy for you to be blessed with a beautiful daughter and a loving husband. He admires your strengths as an independent woman!!! God bless you and your family,” said one Facebook user of the happy family.


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