‘Alaskan Bush People’ Under Scrutiny: What Are The Browns Accused Of Now?

alaskan bush people

It’s becoming a trend. The “Alaskan Bush People” are under scrutiny once more for airing “fakery” on their hit television show.

Billy Brown’s long lost daughter from Texas, Twila, came to Browntown to meet him and his family. It was revealed on the show that Billy hadn’t been in touch with the 44-year-old in 30 years.

Twila is Billy’s daughter from a previous marriage before marrying Ami. It’s believed that the “Alaskan Bush People” patriarch has one other daughter as well from that marriage.

It was also learned in the last episode that Twila’s 14-year-old daughter died in a car accident and that’s what moved her to reach out to her father. Billy said never met his granddaughter.

Radaronline reports that Billy Brown’s story about not having any communication with Twila is false. A source says that the two have been in touch on occasion over the years. On the show, Billy said he sent letters and cards but never heard from her. This made him think she wanted nothing to do with him, but Twila said she never received them.

Not only that, but the insider claims that Twila was already acquainted with the rest of the Brown clan … saying that she and Matt, 30, had a special relationship.

“Matt has always treated her like a sister,” the source said.

It was presented in such a way by Billy that he was told he couldn’t take Twila with him before leaving Texas, but Twila thinks he actually abandoned her.

Sources say Twila “harbors a lot of anger toward him” and friends recall Twila saying he was a “horrible father.”

As for the story about Billy being unaware that his granddaughter was tragically killed in a car accident, he allegedly knew and never comforted Twila. 

“He never consoled her about her daughter’s death,” the insider says.

As reported many times, the “Alaskan Bush People” family have been accused hiding other facts … most infamously for claiming to have lived in the Alaskan bush while residing in the lower 48 between 2009 and 2012. Billy Brown and eldest son, “Bam” Josh Brown, are serving time as part of a plea deal to spare the rest of the family conviction after taking state checks meant for Alaskan citizens only.

More claims of “fakery” were uncovered on an episode a few weeks ago when youngest brother, Noah, was reportedly dating a woman who was actually an actress.

Will there more reports of “fakery” to come on “Alaskan Bush People” as this season plays out?

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