Velvet Sky To Make Long Awaited WWE Debut?

Velvet Sky

Velvet Sky is arguably the biggest name in professional wrestling never to work for the WWE.

She’s worked the indies and for TNA since 2007 but the chance to transition to the biggest company in the business never came to fruition. Several TNA talents like AJ Styles and Samoa Joe have made the jump. 

Sky, who’s real name is Jamie Szantyr, tells Sports Illustrated, enough is enough. She wants her shot in the big league. Sky hopes to use her 15 years of experience to land a spot on NXT. 

The WWE is the reason she became a wrestler in the first place. 

“Nobody gets in this business just to bump. I’ve never stopped learning, so I’m glad I have not worked there yet. All I ever wanted in the business was a chance, an opportunity. If I get that with WWE, I’ll give so much.”

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“I dedicated my youth to my training,” said Sky. “I was on the indies for six years before I got the call from TNA. Back then, I would send VHS tapes, which sounds a little archaic now, to promoters in hopes that I’d get a call. I was so determined to get that call. I didn’t care if I had to live at home, or quit a job that wouldn’t give me weekends off, I wouldn’t stop.”

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Sky dropped out of university to pursue wrestling full-time. She worked as a wrestler on weekends and then worked a regular job five times a week. 

“That is why I sacrificed right from the beginning,” explained Szantyr. “That is why I left college, and the reason why I wrestled every weekend. The indie scene is not glitz and glamour, but a chance with the WWE is the reason I did this from the very beginning. I would totally embrace any opportunity with the WWE.”

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