‘Bachelorette’ Week 3 Spoilers: Who Goes Home Next Week After The Raunchiest Dates Of The Season?

JoJo James Taylor Bachelorette

Who does Bachelorette JoJo Fletcher send home on Episode 3 that airs on June 6? Three guys will be eliminated at next week’s rose ceremony after JoJo goes on a group date and two one-on-one dates.

Next Monday night’s dates will take place in the Los Angeles area, but not all 17 takes place in Los Angeles, but not all 17 guys will get to spend time with JoJo. Luke, Robby, and Derek will not be included in the Week 4 dates and will be stuck in the Bachelor Mansion while some of their buddies get do fun stuff with JoJo that includes an afternoon of sexually charged hot yoga, swing dancing, and dishing on their most notable sexcapades.

There’s only one group date on Week 3 and it’s going to be a doozy. According to Reality Steve, 12 guys will tell their sex stories at Sunday night sex talk hosted by Jenna Brister. Some of the stories are not PG and others are just bizarre (A vibrating razor, Alex? Really?). JoJo will tell her story as well, one that includes her experience with anal beads. Seriously.

James F., Evan, Christian, Daniel, Vinny, Nick B., Chad, Ali, Grant, Jordan, Wells, and Alex tell their sex stories and, as usual, Chad gets all bent out of shape. He reportedly rips Evan’s shirt after shoving him during the date and then proceeds to try to kiss JoJo and gets rejected. Needless to say, Chad doesn’t get the group date rose, but Evan does.

After impressing JoJo with a mini blizzard at the mansion on Week 2, Chase McNary gets the first one-on-one date on Week 3 — a hot yoga date followed by a trip to a local vineyard. Chase is safe for another week after JoJo gives him a rose.

James Taylor scores the second one-on-one date of the week and heads to Culver City with JoJo to do a little swing dancing. JoJo gives James a rose and he is safe for another week.

The Week 3 cocktail party turns into a pool party and all the guys are thrilled because JoJo’s in a bikini. The fun is over when the rose ceremony starts — at least for Christian Bishop, Nick Benvenutti, and Ali Zahiri. All three guys are sent home, but fans can expect to see at least one of them on the upcoming season of Bachelor in Paradise (Hey, Christian!).

The remaining 14 guys — James T, Chase, Jordan, James F., Evan, Daniel, Vinny, Chad, Grant, Jordan, Wells, and Alex — will pack their bags after the rose ceremony and head to Pennsylvania for the Week 4 dates and drama (June 13).

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