Report: Johnny Manziel Hasn’t Been Seen Since Friday

Johnny Manziel

According to the New York Post’s Page Six, former Cleveland Browns quarterback, Johnny Manziel missed a helicopter flight to the Hamptons on Friday where he was going to host a Memorial Day weekend party. Some of Manziel’s friends and family unsuccessfully tried to reach him for more than 15 minutes and then decided to leave for the Hamptons without him.  

Manziel was last seen in lower-Manhattan on Friday night when he and some of his friends got into a confrontation with Wayne Schneider, the owner of Precision Concierge, outside the Trump Soho. Schneider was confronting Manziel and his crew about the vehicle they rented from his company that they crashed into a pole in Los Angeles last month. Manziel reportedly has yet to pay for the damage sustained to the vehicle in the crash. Here is video of the confrontation between Schneider and Manziel’s entourage courtesy of TMZ.  

Going missing was only inevitable for Johnny Manziel after his downward spiral over the last several months. Manziel has already lost his chance to play in the NFL following his release from the Browns, he’s lost his girlfriend Colleen Crowley, he has a domestic violence case hanging over his head, he appears to have some type of weight loss issue going on (unclear whether it is drug related), and he refuses to stop partying. Manziel’s friends have even attempted failed interventions with him throughout the last several weeks and have told TMZ that they believe the former Heisman winner’s drug and alcohol abuse could end up killing him. 

The saga of Johnny Manziel is a story that just will not come to an end. Every week this guy is making new headlines for all the wrong reasons and his actions off the field are slowly costing him everything. Johnny Manziel desperately needs to get his life in check, as he is making all the wrong decisions right now. You never hope that anybody goes missing, even if the person who’s gone MIA is a complete jackass like Johnny Football. Less than three years ago, Johnny Manziel was a Heisman Trophy winner and a first-round draft pick, now, he is MIA somewhere in New York. Crazy stuff. 

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