Princess Diana’s ‘Disgraced’ Butler Who Allegedly Stole From Her Estate Is Divorcing Wife

princess diana

Princess Diana’s “disgraced” butler, Paul Burrell, is in the middle of a divorce with his wife of 32 years, Maria. The pair have been separated for years … with Maria living in Florida and Paul living in Cheshire, England. He operates a flower shop there, Radaronline reports.

Burrell is set to appear on a variety of British reality shows and it’s believed that it has to do with him needing the money for his divorce. A source told the Sunday Express that Princess Diana’s butler is “splitting from his long-suffering wife and may need to pay her off.”

The princess’ butler is considered “disgraced” because he was considered one of her closest confidantes, but allegedly he stole an estimated 352 items from her estate following her death. In addition to that, he authored two tell-all books about his time as Diana’s butler, which her sons, Princes William and Harry, considered a “betrayal.”

According to a post on Twitter by Daily Express, one of the reality shows in Britain that Paul Burrell is in “secret talks” to appear in is “Strictly Come Dancing,” the U.K.’s version of “Dancing with the Stars.”

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