Shane Carwin Wants Brock Lesnar In UFC Title Rematch

Shane Carwin

Shane Carwin hasn’t closed the door on a UFC return. In fact, he’s completely down if it means he gets Brock Lesnar in the cage one last time. Lesnar might want Carwin one more time as well. 

Keep the attitude elevated and rise above it all. #Motivation #MotivationMonday #MondayMotivation #ShaneCarwin

A photo posted by Shane Carwin (@shane.carwin) on May 23, 2016 at 8:58am PDT

Carwin retired due to injury in 2013. He hasn’t fought in five years. 

“I am rehabbing and pretty much recovered,” Carwin told Oscar Stephens-Willis. “I am pondering a comeback. I just need the right motivation or opponent. I’d like to get the belt and retire after defending it. Or just beat up Brock again.

“I still compete with the best of them and could beat any of them.”

The former heavyweight champ was 12 – 2 in MMA and 4-2 in UFC at the time he called it a day. Carwin says he didn’t do everything he wanted to do in his career. 

Lesnar recently signed a new contract with the WWE. 

Strangely enough, the UFC added Lesnar’s name to the website’s roster page on Friday. He was quickly removed. 

Lesnar previously ruled out a UFC return because the WWE offered more money with less work. He also he isn’t mentally in it. 

Maybe all he needs is some motivation. 


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