Did Ben Affleck Give Jennifer Garner A Huge Diamond As An Anniversary Gift?

jennifer garner

A report claiming that Ben Affleck gave Jennifer Garner an 11-carat diamond as a “pre-11th wedding anniversary” gift is untrue.

RadarOnline posted a report taken from the National Enquirer that alleged Affleck surprised Garner with diamond during their recent vacation to Paris with their children.

The article reported that it wasn’t a “ring” Ben Affleck “gave” Jennifer Garner because he wanted to avoid scaring her off. Instead, he had an ulterior motive by having the diamond set in a necklace hoping “she’ll suggest resetting the rock into a new wedding ring.”

Gossip Cop corrects the report by stating a source close to the situation denied the rumor. Ben never bought Jennifer a pre-anniversary diamond and that the claim is completely “false.”

GP notes that Radaronline misled readers into thinking the Enquirer’s story was fact when it was fake. 

Since Ben and Jennifer work hard to make things nice for their children, tabloids take advantage of that and spin it into something totally different. While the estranged couple live at the same residence, multiple reports have confirmed they sleep in separate rooms and aren’t married in the traditional sense.

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