Tom Cruise Getting ‘Secret’ Calls And Texts From Suri Cruise, Tabloid Claims

tom cruise

A new report states that Suri Cruise has “gone behind” her mother’s back to secretly call her dad, Tom Cruise. The tabloid has a photo of Suri holding a cell phone that was believed to be snapped while she was outside her school recently.

Gossip Cop squashes the tabloid report as untrue.

“Missing her dad, the 10-year-old goes behind mother Katie Holmes’ back to talk to her Scientology-obsessed father,” reads the report. Star implies in its piece that “the person at the other end of the line was very likely her absentee dad.”

A questionable source tells the magazine that Suri Cruise has “opened a secret line of communication with Tom,” but has been “keeping their conversations limited because they know” her mother “would disapprove.”

“Suri has been talking to Tom behind Katie’s back. He looks forward to her texts. For Tom, it’s been very emotional,” the source went on to say.

As GP notes, Katie Holmes would be more than aware of what her daughter was up to on a cell phone. A rep confirms that the claims of secret calls between “father and daughter” are “untrue.”

The tabloids continue having a field day with Tom Cruise and his Scientology affiliation.

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