‘The Bachelorette’ Week 2 Spoilers: JoJo’s Dates Begin, Three More Guys Go Home

JoJo Fletcher The Bachelorette

Bachelorette JoJo Fletcher sent home six guys at her first rose ceremony on Monday night’s season premiere leaving twenty suitors in the Bachelor Mansion ready for their first dates next week.

Week 2 will bring the first one-on-one date and two group dates of the season. Who will score a date with JoJo and three guys will be eliminated at the second rose ceremony on the episode that airs May 30? Here’s the scoop!

Ten men will accompany JoJo on the first group date that involves some boot camp action at a firefighter’s training course in the L.A. area. Grant will have an unfair advantage — he’s a California firefighter. Spoilers reveal that he wins the competition, but he won’t get the group date rose at the after party —JoJo gives it to Wells.

The second group date on Week 2 takes place at LA Live and the SportsNation studios. Reality Steve states that six men make it on to this date (Chad, James Taylor, Christian, Alex, Jordan, and Nick B.) that features three events (a football drill, press conference, and a mock proposal).

Apparently Chad calls JoJo “naggy” and takes some heat from the other guys for being the most unlikeable guy in the house. No surprise there. James gets the group date rose. Chad continues to be a jerk.

The one-on-one date takes place in San Francisco and Derek Peth is the chosen one for the first plane ride of the season and a picnic where no one will eat the food. See the video below if you have no idea who Derek is. (He gets a rose.)

Three men will get eliminated at the Week 2 rose ceremony and there aren’t any real shockers. Reality Steve‘s spoilers point to Will, Brandon, and James S. getting a one-way ticket home next Monday night.

The Bachelorette season runs for 11 weeks, so fans will have to wait until August 1 to find out who JoJo gives her final rose to. However, it’s more than a little obvious who she’s smitten with (hey, Jordan!) — fans can expect the tabloid gossip about the guys to be more shocking than the outcome of the season.


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