Sharon Osbourne Defends Daughter Kelly Tweeting Phone Number Of Ozzy’s Alleged Mistress

Posted on Wed May 25th, 2016 9:14am PDT       By X17 Staff

Sharon’s got daughter Kelly’s back AND she compliments her sense of humor!

Sharon Osbourne could play the scorned woman, instead her daughter’s doing her dirty work for her as reports hit that Ozzy’s been hooking up with the family hairdresser. If you wanna double F with a woman, cheat on her with the woman who does her ‘do!

Kelly Tweeted the alleged mistress’ phone number the other day and the Internet went wild with cheers and jeers. So today on The View, Sharon’s co-host Julie Chen asked about the Tweet and here’s how Mrs. Osbourne responded: “Oh, Kelly has the best sense of humor ever. And you know what? In cases like this, what can you do but laugh? What are you gonna do — be angry with her because she loves her mom and dad and she wants us to be together? She loves us. She can do what she wants, because she’s an adult. You have to laugh. She is just so funny.”

We LOVE that response!


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