Brielle Biermann Denies Getting Plastic Surgery

Brielle Biermann

Brielle Biermann may be one good-looking 19 year old woman, but many people are convinced that her mother paid for her to get some plastic surgery. Kim Zolciak decided to post some pictures of herself, her daughter and her husband on a recent family vacation and it sounds like people believe now more than ever that Brielle has gone under the knife. Brielle posted a lengthy rant on Instagram where she denied getting plastic surgery. According to a new Instagram post, Brielle Biermann denied getting surgery – but then she deleted the post. Here’s what she wrote before deleting the post.

“Watch my snapchat please. I’m tired of people assuming I’ve had all sorts of plastic surgery from lipo suction to a nose job you name it I’ve supposedly had it. I’m 19 years old- y’all have been watching me since I was 10! I look nothing like I did back then. people grow up. their face changes their bodies change they mature inside and out. I’ve been honest about my procedures and plan to be. there’s nothing wrong with fixing something you’re insecure about (my lips) but I don’t believe in plastic surgery just to “improve” yourself! I’m 19 years old I don’t see how within the past year I would’ve been able to get all these “surgeries”!! you see what I do EVERY day on snapchat therefore you’d know if I was going under the knife! and get the f*ck outta here with your rude and negative comments. they’re irrelevant and don’t affect me. you will get blocked!!” Brielle Biermann revealed on Instagram in a new deleted post. 

Biermann has admitted to getting lip fillers, but it sounds like people think that she’s gotten liposuction and breast implants.

What do you think of Brielle Biermann’s post about plastic surgery? Why do you think she’s getting so much hate from followers?

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