‘Alaskan Bush People’ Tragedy: Billy Brown’s Secret Granddaughter Killed

alaskan bush people

A few weeks ago it was learned that “Alaskan Bush People’s” Billy Brown had a “secret” family by virtue of he marrying another woman way before Ami.

In another report by Radaronline, it was discovered that a secret granddaughter Billy had never met was killed in a tragic car accident. It’s unclear if Billy attended the funeral services or reached out to his daughter in any way, but he was believed to be living in Alaska at the time this happened in Texas.

Billy Brown married the woman — whom isn’t being named for privacy purposes — in Texas. They had two children, both of whom the “Alaskan Bush People” patriarch has never had a relationship with.

Brown married Ami when she was just 15 and they have a seven children. “Alaskan Bush People” centers on the life revolving around the Browns who make their life in the Alaskan bush territory.

This season, the Browns addressed a “secret” daughter that was to appear on the show. Is it one of Billy’s long lost daughters from his first marriage?

As Radar originally reported on Billy Brown’s first marriage, he wed the 17-year-old Texas woman on October 23, 1969; Billy was 16. Once they split, they lost contact and that included Billy severing relationships with his children from that marriage altogether.

“Alaskan Bush People” airs on Discovery Friday nights.

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