11 Ways To Travel Like A Local This Summer


Check out some not-so-secret ways to travel like a local when you’re on vacation this summer…

1) Skip the bus tours. You’ll miss out on handling any transactions on your own.

2) Become friends with a local. He or she will take you to lessr-known spots.

3) Stay in a house or try Airbnb instead of a hotel. It may be cheaper and you’ll feel more like a local.

4) Take public transportation. It will give you the feel of everyday life.

5) Research your trip online to find blogs that include tips about local life.

6) Eat local foods so you don’t miss out on regional specialties.

7) Chat with a taxi driver, who will likely have a lot of knowledge about the area.

8) Research the weather and fashion before embarking on your trip.

9) Consider booking your trip off season to avoid crowds.

10) Be a “tourist” sometimes. It’s okay to┬ávisit popular landmarks that you’ve always wanted to see.

11) Wander without plans because you never know what you’ll encounter.

Tips courtesy of House Beautiful.

Check out more in the video below.

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