‘Game Of Thrones’ Recap: 5 Essential Questions From ‘The Door’

Game of Thrones

Not only has season 6 answered many of Game of Thrones most confounding questions, but “The Door” also answers some of the longest-running questions. We find out answers to dropped plots, such as what the hell happened to Edmund Tully aka the Blackfish, and questions many people never thought they’d know answers to, like “what does Hodor mean and why does he keep saying it?”

“The Door” is another stellar episode, marked with a lot of sadness and more development in the Stark movement than we’ve seen in a while. Here are the most essential questions answered by “The Door:”

How Will Sansa Deal with Littlefinger?

“You freed me from the monsters who murdered my family and you gave me to the other monsters who murdered my family.”

Sansa fell under Littlefinger’s spell once upon a time, but after everything that’s happened since he rescued her from the clutches of the Lannisters should be enough to convince her that he doesn’t have her best interests at heart. After all, he left her in the hands of Ramsey Bolton, who caused her the same sorts of pain as Joffrey, plus more. Littlefinger summons Sansa to see him and she tells him in detail the pain that he put her through by leaving her in Ramsey’s clutches. She seems strong and eager to let Brienne kill him if she so much as has a murderous whim.

But Littlefinger seems repentant enough for Sansa’s satisfaction. He promises to do whatever she needs, including begging for forgiveness or even dying if that’s what she wants. He swears that he knew nothing about Ramsey’s true nature, although that’s hard to believe. He even gives her a bit of good news. Edmund Tully has formed an army in Riverrun, which she could use to her advantage. But before he leaves, in true Littlefinger fashion, he plants seeds that Sansa should be the leader, not Jon.

Poor Sansa. This season so far she’s seemed so strong and mature, but she’s a bit weak when it comes to Littlefinger. He always knows what to say to her. Sansa is still eager to help Jon, but she lies about seeing Littlefinger and pretends like the Tully information came from Ramsey instead. But still, she makes Jon a coat just like Ned’s. She’s sure to have inner conflict in the future about giving her half-brother the reigns.

What Will Arya Be Asked to Do for the Many Faced God?

Arya is asked to kill an actress. But she’s not given a reason, causing a bit of inner conflict, even though she’d never admit it. She watches a truly interesting play that showcases how the general population sees the events of the first season. And Arya gets a lot of new information through the show.

The play portrays the death of Robert Baratheon and Ned Stark. It portrays Cersei and Joffrey as fair, sweet leaders who only want what’s best. It shows Ned as a bumbling idiot who was power hungry, which is what lead to his death. Sansa is even a character in the play, begging for Ned’s life and being forced to marry Tyrion. This might actually be the first time Arya hears about something that happened to her family since she went on the run. Could this keep her from truly becoming “No One?” Knowing that things are going horribly for Sansa could be enough to pull on the heartstrings and lead Arya back where she belongs.

What Are the White Walkers?

The Children of the Forest created the White Walkers as a weapon against mankind. Good going, guys.

Who Will Lead the Iron Islands?

Yara pleads her case for being her father’s replacement. She’s lead these men for years, successfully. Theon even argues her point for her. But that damn bastard Euron Greyjoy comes by, freely admitting that he murdered his brother. He lays out his plan to get the Iron Army to go to Daenarys, marry her (okay, dude) and come back to rule Westeros. And because he allows himself to be drowned, the Iron Born decide to follow him instead of a proven leader like Yara.

See, this is why they never win.

How Did Wyllis Become Hodor?

Bran really ruined Hodor’s life, didn’t he? Bran takes a solo jaunt into the past to take a look at an army of White Walkers and discovers that they can see him. Not only that but the king touches Bran and is therefore able to enter the safety of their hideaway. But just as the army comes to get Bran and his companions, Bran goes back into the past to observe the day Ned was sent to the Vale to be brought up. While Meera and Hodor protect Bran’s body and everybody else dies horribly, Bran watches Wyllis become Hodor. Wyllis starts convulsing and repeating “hold the door.” Back in the present, Hodor is forced to hold the door against an army of walking skeletons. “Hold the door” eventually becomes “hodor,” while Hodor becomes skeleton food. All because Bran was obsessed with his visions.


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