Deflategate Chapter 1743920: Tom Brady To File For New Appeal Hearing

Roger Goodell

As reported by ESPN on Monday, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady will file for an appeal hearing with the 2nd Circuit of the United States Court of Appeals. The news comes less than a month after Brady’s four-game suspension from the Deflategate penalties was reinstated by a three-judge pannel in a New York Federal Appeals Court on April 25th. Monday was the final day that Brady was allowed to file an appeal on the reinstatement ruling by the Federal Appeals Court. Brady and his team will reportedly file the official appeal on Monday evening.

The panel of three judges in the NFL’s appeal on April 25th stated that NFL commissioner Roger Goodell used proper discipline and grounds in his handling of Tom Brady’s suspension as agreed upon by the NFLPA in the league’s collective bargaining agreement (he basically has the right to do whatever he wants, whenever he wants).

Tell them Fitzy. 

Say what you want about the NFLPA frivolously agreeing to allow Roger Goodell all of this power, but this whole Deflategate mess has gotten to the point where Roger Goodell and the NFL are looking absolutely ridiculous. The NFL may be in the upper hand right now with Deflategate, but in terms of their image, they will never be able to come back from this. Either, Tom Brady’s suspension is going to be upheld by the 2nd Circuit of Appeals and Roger Goodell will, even more, be known as a dictating buffoon who actually believes that he holds Hitler-like power, or, the 2nd Circuit will overturn the ruling by the Federal Appeals Court and Goodell and his team of minions will once again look like clowns with their legal efforts. With Roger Goodell’s track record of having his disciplinary rulings overturned and getting his ass kicked in court, this is a case that he CANNOT lose, especially after the whole domestic violence disaster of 2014 and with the ongoing concussion crisis that he and the rest of the league’s owners tried to cover up and improperly influence.

Roger Goodell and the NFL are fine with the idea of being hated by the general public for their lack of actions and absurd rulings as long as they are still making money and all of the league’s owners are happy. If Tom Brady is allowed to play the first four games of this season, the rest of the league’s owners (specifically the Ravens’ Steve Bisciotti, the Jets’ Woody Johnson, and the Colts’ Jim Ersay) will not be happy and the league will look ridiculous for losing once again in court, so the NFL is never going to drop the idea of railroading Tom Brady and having this suspension cemented. Many might argue that it would make more sense for the NFL to just give up if the ruling is overturned by the 2nd Circuit, but at this point, Goodell and the NFL have dug themselves so deep that there is no turning back.

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