Magic Johnson Tells Stories About Partying With Prince

Magic Johnson

Lakers legend Magic Johnson and Prince were both pretty big party guys back in the day. After Prince passed away, Johnson tweeted that he loved Prince so much, he would follow him around the world to see his concerts. For the music and for other activities. 

During an appearance on the “Jimmy Kimmel Show,” Johnson shared more details about his friendship with Prince. Mostly about the crazy parties. 

Johnson used to own a chain of movie theaters because it was the 90s and Magic owned a lot of weird stuff in the 90s. Prince used to patron the theaters but not as a regular customer. Magic says that the music legend would show up at 2AM to get things started.

Johnson opened up the theater just him. 

“He brings this big bus full of people. Jimmy, when they get off, they’re all in pajamas!”

The theaters regularly hosted Prince’s late-night pajama watch parties, which Magic allowed only because it was Prince. 

Magic also says that Prince thought he could play basketball. Even against one of the best of all-time. Johnson backed off because again, it was Prince. 

“He talked so much trash, he thought he had a real jump shot! And I had to remember it was Prince that I was playing against, so I had to back off. But he really thought he could play basketball.”


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