Bethenny Frankel On Sonja Morgan: ‘Her Idea Can’t Touch My Brand’

Bethenny Frankel

Bethenny Frankel was furious when she learned that Sonja Morgan was launching a Prosecco line very similar to her own. Plus, she named it Tipsy Girl, a name that was very similar to Skinnygirl. While Sonja was convinced that Bethenny would be very supportive of her, she was shocked when Frankel said that she wanted nothing to do with her. According to a new report, Bethenny Frankel is now revealing how she feels after watching the episode again. 

“The Sonja situation was just kind of sad. Obviously, her idea can’t touch my brand. There is no product or distribution. It is a made-for-television idea, and I have over 20 varieties of wine, vodka and ready to drink. You can’t find a city of the Housewives where several women haven’t followed in my footsteps and attempted booze. Bring it on. The more the merrier. It is a brutal business, and it may look easy, but as you see, it isn’t,” Bethenny Frankel explains in her blog for the show.

Many felt that Frankel was too harsh in regards to Sonja, as she was just trying to find herself after coming out of the bankruptcy. But Bethenny has revealed that her partners were angry because she was being betrayed by Sonja, who had attended one of her brand summits. 

“This was just an unoriginal name and idea, and it gives a false impression to the audience–that you just go on tv, and poof a brand is born. That isn’t how it works. I also know this industry fairly well, and the TTB, the liquor governing board that approves labels, would doubtfully name a cocktail “half drunk” girl. They take drinking responsibly as seriously as do I,” Bethenny Frankel explains.

Do you think Sonja Morgan crossed the line with Bethenny Frankel by naming her line Tipsy Girl?

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