Ramona Singer Not Invited: Luann De Lesseps’ New Man Causing Problems?

Ramona Singer

Ramona Singer knows how to make her presence known, especially when it comes to crashing parties. On last night’s episode of The Real Housewives of New York, Ramona crashed Dorinda Medley’s party that was being held to celebrate John Mahdessian’s business success. Ramona was thrown out of the party after she started causing some troubles with John’s guests. But it sounds like this isn’t the first party she’s been thrown out of. According to a new report, Ramona Singer is now being disinvited from a party because she used to date Luann de Lesseps’ current partner.

Ramona Singer used to date Tom D’Agostino before he met Luann de Lesseps and he doesn’t want to hang out with her apparently. So, he’s now ensuring that she doesn’t show up to any of his parties. “So many people threatened to not come if she was coming,” the source said. “He didn’t have much of a choice but to uninvite her.” As it turns out, he is more concerned about his reputation than his friendship with Ramona.

“Everybody hates her,” the source said. “Everyone says she’s constantly annoying and badmouthing people.” 

It sounds like Luann de Lesseps isn’t willing to defend her friend in this case. One can imagine that she is taking Tom’s side in this case and will just have a party without Ramona coming. 

“She was uninvited but she tweeted that before the party and she knew it was a surprise,” the insider said. “That’s why everybody hates her.”

As for Ramona, she’s pissed that she’s uninvited from the party. She was ready to go and now she has no place to be. “I cannot believe this crap. I’m ready to go out the door to Luann’s surprise party. I’m invited by Tom and he just calls me and he disinvites me,” she said. “I am fuming. I have Luann a gift and a refitted gift and now i get disinvited.”

What do you think of Ramona Singer being uninvited from parties? 

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